Thoughts That May Disturb You

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Why did I pick this title?  When I begin my journey as a writer, I may feel compelled to write about thoughts and things that may bother others.  For example, I might write about my experiences with psychoactive drugs and Ayahuasca, and this may disturb some of my conservative and/or religious relatives and friends.  I might write about a rape that occurs in one of my stories; about what I would imagine the thoughts and feelings that the act evokes in both the rapist and the victim, and these graphic imaginings may disturb a lot of people.  So the tagline is pretty much a warning to people that what they read in here may be disturbing, though these writings in no way define me as a person, nor do they necessarily reflect my true thoughts and feelings.

I’m also thinking about starting a reviews and criticism section on here where I’d analyze and criticize various media and literary works by my peers in the deaf community.  Not just those, but also other things that I find interesting enough to bother reviewing.  Oh there’s plenty of peer-bashing and name-calling going on in the deaf community, especially in places like Stupid Deaf, or, but  I believe that true constructive criticism is something that’s largely missing from this community.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a professional critic, so all I’d be offering is my own opinion on these works, and doing so primarily as a writing exercise.  Now, when I do this, the stuff that I say in these reviews may disturb these peers of mine, some of whom I may know on a first name basis.  To these people I say, “It’s nothing personal; I’m just offering my honest opinion which can be taken or left at face value.”

I also chose this title because I read something similar in a book and liked it.  The book is titled Feed, by Mira Grant.  It’s a very interesting take on the zombie invasion topic, within a world set in the aftermath of such a cataclysmic event.  The main protagonist in this book, Georgia Mason, happens to be a news blogger who posts various news commentaries based on her adventures in this world, and her blog happens to be called “Images May Disturb You”.  I loved that title, so I decided I’d borrow it.

Thoughts that may disturb you.  Consider yourself warned.

Lee Whitworth

Lee is an entrepreneur, IT consultant, project manager, web developer, and ecommerce / affiliate / online marketing specialist. He’s also interested in AI/ML + Blockchain. His passion is Eventida, a global platform for accessible & inclusive events that he cofounded with Lisi Whitworth. He writes sometimes.

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