Long Love Working

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A cigarette is lit and smoke inhaled,
Nerves banished with breath exhaled,
Yet thoughts shimmy, twist and dance,
Blooms yin and yang feelings’ entrance.

Hearts and minds, together in part,
Screaming silence, stopping to start.
Flipping floppy on sandy slopes trod,
Whichever way is Way; sight is shod.

In oldest night dreaming newest day,
Resolves thicken, fears in shadow lay.
Fleeting courage desperately gripped,
And tattered hope pools shallow lipped.

History’s a crutch with memories sore,
When little is enough and much more;
Running unfree, fettered soul inbound,
Misunderstanding perceptions unfound.

Is forgetting a sweet science in evasion,
And moving on an Art learnt in unison?
Shackled in shame and in guilt trussed,
Necessitates unknown changes untrusted.

Lee Whitworth

Lee is an entrepreneur, IT consultant, project manager, web developer, and ecommerce / affiliate / online marketing specialist. He’s also interested in AI/ML + Blockchain. His passion is Eventida, a global platform for accessible & inclusive events that he cofounded with Lisi Whitworth. He writes sometimes.

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