Who am I Voting for, and Why?

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obama vs romney

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I’m going to wait until the Free and Equal Presidential debate (hopefully it’s captioned, we asked and update if it is) to make my final decision, maybe it wouldn’t be throwing away my vote if I voted for one of the other candidates.  It’s not too late for a big upset.

If I am to vote for either Romney or Obama, I will vote Obama.  Why?  The list is very long, but  here are a few of the reasons why.  Bottom line, he’s the safer bet, especially when it comes to foreign policy, and more closely mirrors my values.  Like him and his wife, I believe that healthcare is a right, that healthy eating is important, that foreign diplomacy should be done with humility and care.

The last Republican president we had left a HUGE mess for Obama to deal with – inflation, wars, real estate bubble bursting, and more.  America was in a major spiraling free-falling downfall at the time – we were facing another Big Depression or worse – a bad president would have made that happen.  But things got better, we’ve been slowly but surely recovering.  That, to me, says that Obama did a decent job.  Does he deserve all the credit?  Maybe not, but at least he didn’t screw things up.

Throughout all of this, Obama managed to push through a major healthcare reform bill, something that previous administrations tried to do but failed.  Sure, he didn’t accomplish everything he set out to do, but give the man a break, he had a lot on his plate and it’s only been three and a half years.  I’d like to give him another four years and see what else he manages to accomplish.

As for Romney and the argument that it’s a different time, different policies, he’d do better than Bush… that doesn’t sway me.  While he may be a great president for helping small businesses and our economy, what I’m most nervous about and believe most important in this day and age, is foreign policy.  I REALLY do not like his hardcore attitude of “we’re going to crack down on China.”  Real smart, dude… make an enemy before you’re even president??  Especially if that country is closely aligned with some of our biggest enemies?

I like Obama’s diplomatic approach, where he’s more “let’s be friends, we can work it out” and the fact that he has experience counts for a lot.   America has a REALLY bad reputation in other countries as being the world’s bully, the arrogant know it all, etc.  The truth is, we have a lot to learn from other countries, other cultures, where they’ve got it right.  I don’t like the current dominant American culture of materialism, money is everything, fast food, wastefulness, immediate gratification, pop culture.

There is a new culture emerging, of awareness, environmental conscience, being healthy, cherishing the planet, businesses practicing social responsibility, valuing real art, and so on — I want to see this emerging culture thrive, and I think out of the two, Obama represents this culture better, while Romney more closely represents the former.


Elise is a former  journalist turned web developer turned event planner. She is deaf, advocates for accessible technology and ASL literacy, and very opinionated. Her passion is her family - husband Lee, sons Logan and Lucas - and her business.

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  1. Richie says:

    You pretty much summed it up. I’d also like to point out that it was actually Bush who tried to stop the real estate from bubble by reining in Freddie Mac and Freddie Mae. However, the crisis was much more than that with Bush’s willingness to deregulate the SEC which further exacerbated the crisis. That’s a fact the Republicans want their voters to forget. Not me. I don’t care much for the healthcare nor do I care much for the foreign policy. It’s the economy that I care about. Having the SEC deregulated was not a very wise choice as it enriched very few and bankrupted everybody else. Thanks to Bush, the Enron scandal wiped out many 401K’s and personal savings. That is the very reason I am adamantly opposed to the privatization of Social Security. I can go on and on but I’m voting for Obama. Why is it that states with higher college education are overwhelmingly in favor of Obama?

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