Legpit Logan & The Hungry Boy #1

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Last Christmas (2012) the family decided that we’d only give each other home-made gifts.  We had a blast with a Christmas we’ll always remember.

For my sons I made short stories featuring them as characters, complete with Photoshopped images.  This is the one I made for Logan – “Legpit Logan & The Hungry Boy #1”.  Of course, he no longer likes the moniker “Legpit Logan” so I promised him that Legpit Logan would change his name in the next issue.

Still, it’s pretty funny – the boys could not stop smiling/laughing while they read their issues.  Be sure to check out “The Hungry Boy’s Epic Tales #1” too, and come back to read more issues like these.

Lee Whitworth

Lee is an entrepreneur, IT consultant, project manager, web developer, and ecommerce / affiliate / online marketing specialist. He’s also interested in AI/ML + Blockchain. His passion is Eventida, a global platform for accessible & inclusive events that he cofounded with Lisi Whitworth. He writes sometimes.

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