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Between two boys we have nearly 20 years worth of Lego purchases. It is no longer their hobby and we have a full size Lego competition table (93+1/8” by 45+1/8”), mindstorms robot kit, dozens of assembly manuals, idea book, a few early reader books. And shelves in great condition with bins all FULL of Legos and figurines of all kinds and sizes – mostly pieces from the Star Wars, Harry Potter, Medieval, and Bionicle franchises.

IMG_0119We are small business owners who are in the middle of transitioning from providing web development services to running our own website app. Cash is tight and we have had a lot of unexpected medical expenses crop up – terrible timing!

Fortunately we have the Lego stuff to sell. The thing is, we have no idea what people would pay for the whole caboodle.

So we had an idea – why not set up an online auction where individuals bid what they are willing to pay. The set up is simple – we are using an email list with a custom field “bid amount” along with contact information. See the form below.

IMG_0117How it Works

Every day for a week we will send out the current highest bid and update this page with the current highest bid. If it beats your bid and you want to increase it, click the link in the email to update your “subscription” details, and edit your bid amount.

On the last day we will send updates every time we get a bid. To “opt out” simply unsubscribe. After the auction is over we will discard the email list.

Once the auction is over, we will hold the set for 24 hours. If the set has not been picked up nor payment been received, we will contact the next highest bidder and hold for 24 hours. So on and so forth until the whole set is gone and we have raised the extra cash we need to help us through this tough spot!

IMG_0120The final winner can pay in cash or by credit card + 2.9% (credit card processing fee).

We are in Hurricane, UT – near St. George. 2 hours from Las Vegas, 4 hours from Salt Lake City. If you want to drive and pick it up, keep in mind that the table is over 6 feet long and cannot be disassembled!

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Current high bid: $300. Anyone up for $320?

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