How Will it Happen?

There are a number of ways this could start to happen:
  1. a few individuals or a group could get together and establish a “board” or voting membership.
  2. start looking for land that fits the criteria; perhaps buying an old camp, farm or ranch.
  3. find a small, dying town that already has some buildings and infrastructure to get started.  As more and more of our group moves there, we can work together to rebuild the town and join the local politics to implement the vision.

The criteria:

When the lists on the sections “sustainable living” and “jobs & economy” are taken into consideration, the location would have to be very strategically chosen:
  1. nearby source(s) of water
  2. lots of sun and/or wind
  3. plenty of natural resources in the area to live on such as lumber, wildlife, etc
  4. near national parks and nature
  5. close enough to a size-able town to join sports leagues and utilize other resources
  6. far enough from any major cities
  7. in a place relatively free and safe from natural disasters