The company name "Eventida" in styled black lettering with a green circle around the e, partly cut off by the v.

A global bulletin board and marketplace for accessible & inclusive events!

Lee and Lisi founded their first business together in 2004, providing creative services to clients throughout over 300 web development and event projects.

They are Deaf, and Lisi has a soy allergy.

When they attend events, sometimes the experience is positive. Many times, it is not.

From a horrible concert experience during their wedding anniversary, to business conferences not making arrangements for interpreters or soy-free meals, to being left out at their children’s events.

They participated in Knowbility’s AIR challenge and discovered more accommodation issues. They also noticed clients struggling with online tools for event logistics and promotions.

We can do better.

They established Eventida on the side as a free event listing site and supported it for a few years. In 2016, they took the leap and shut down their client services to work full time on Eventida.

Eventida is committed to keeping all user features that help make events inclusive and accessible forever free.

Check it out!