Author: Lee Whitworth


The Festerling

Reading Time: 7 minutes Ally, the daughter of Lord Wayndaf, woke screaming.  Drenched in sweat, the silken sheets of her posh, four-poster canopy bed clung to her nude body.  She fought out of the cloying sheets and clawed at the curtains that swirled around...

A fantasy cityscape with birds and spire-like buildings. 0

Before It Happened

Reading Time: 8 minutes Far Spires laid near the northern mouth of the Marshfold, and sprawled for miles east of the river to end under the shadow of the great Jaggerhand with its ominous fingers reaching high in the sky.  White smoke from the...

Piracy. It's A Crime. 0

The Space Pirate

Reading Time: 9 minutes A crash landed, down-on-his-luck space pirate is on a mission to punish his mutinous crew and take back his hijacked ship in order to escape a dangerous and backwards world.


The Hungry Boy’s Epic Tales #1

Reading Time: < 1 minute This is what I gifted my son Lucas with for our “Home-made Christmas 2012.”  He loved it and couldn’t stop giggling as he read the story that featured HIM as the main character along with funny, photoshopped graphics. Please enjoy,...


Legpit Logan & The Hungry Boy #1

Reading Time: < 1 minute Last Christmas (2012) the family decided that we’d only give each other home-made gifts.  We had a blast with a Christmas we’ll always remember. For my sons I made short stories featuring them as characters, complete with Photoshopped images.  This...


Basic Homemade Granola Recipe

Reading Time: 2 minutes Let’s face it, granola is expensive, even when you buy it in bulk.  Making it isn’t cheap, either, if you use honey or maple syrup, but it’s still more bang for your buck.  Here’s the basic recipe that I use...


Not A Hero

Reading Time: 7 minutes Run.  He was out of breath.  Run anyway.  He was tired from running for hours.  Keep running.  He wanted to stop.  He slashed his way through dense ferns and shrubs as he ran, hopping and skipping at times to avoid...