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Dawn of a New Era: the Sequel

Reading Time: 7 minutes 20 years ago, I felt as though I was entering a new period of life and was filled with excitement at all the possibilities before me. At Gallaudet University, my friends and I had formed an entirely new management team...

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Keyword for 2017: People

Reading Time: 12 minutes I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. What I do is pick one keyword that will help me achieve my goals. Last year, for 2016, my keyword was “Realization” – as in realization of hard work coming to fruition, visions coming...


Appropriate Method for Appropriation

Reading Time: 3 minutes Let’s say it’s a perfect world. How would have the whole “Tina & Paul” Signalong gone down, in a way that has the full support of the Deaf and signing community? Here’s what I think. First, a little bit of...


Two Stories of Deaf Americans with Cancer

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lately a lot of my friends have been discussing ACA / Obamacare on Facebook. This is my response. “Insurance rates will go higher!” I am self employed and I had my own insurance policy for over 8 years. At 32...

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Who am I Voting for, and Why?

Reading Time: 2 minutes If I am to vote for either Romney or Obama, I will vote Obama. Why? The list is very long, but here are a few of the reasons why. Bottom line, he’s the safer bet, especially when it comes to foreign policy, and more closely mirrors my values.


Maintaining that Mental Catalog “Ways I Could Die”

Reading Time: 2 minutes We all know life is fleeting. And when someone our age passes away, naturally we start pondering our own mortality and “if we passed away suddenly…” Right?

Well, I think that the need to know HOW or WHY…


Yeah, it might be ruining our society, BUT….

Reading Time: 3 minutes I just read this article on CNN – opinion section:
Opinion: Facebook threatens to ‘Zuck up’ the human race

While I completely agree that there are issues with social media and that it is changing the fabric of society, exactly in what direction we cannot predict, I don’t agree with all of it.

There are plenty of us who don’t live our lives or identities through social media, who manage to balance our lives and….


The Person I Want to Be

Reading Time: 2 minutes Everyone has things they struggle with in life. For me, it’s been willpower, self discipline. I’m moody – and I don’t mean mood swings between extreme emotional states – but more like, I’m just not in the mood to… do something when it’s scheduled – go out, do yoga or go for a walk, respond to emails, cook, eat vegetables, answer the phone (eg. talk to someone), etc.

I typically give in to what I am in the mood to do – read, eat a hot dog (yes 100% natural, antibiotic free, but still… I should be eating veggies!), watch a show or trees swaying in the wind outside, and lots of other things.


Vision of an ASL Friendly Eco Village

Reading Time: 2 minutes Over the years, I’ve had many ideas and visions, that would impact either our business and/or personal lives.  A few of them have really stuck hard in my mind. If there’s anything I’ve definitely learned in my personal and professional...