Vision of an ASL Friendly Eco Village

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Over the years, I’ve had many ideas and visions, that would impact either our business and/or personal lives.  A few of them have really stuck hard in my mind.

If there’s anything I’ve definitely learned in my personal and professional life, it’s this:

It takes a “tribe” who are willing to work together toward a cause or achieving a vision.   We can’t do it alone, and if there’s not a tribe working together, it becomes nearly impossible to achieve.

If you know me, you know about Eventida.  That idea germinated for about 8 years, which started with  When I was sick all day everyday from Lucas’ pregnancy, I had to shelve that website and put it on hold for a while.  After 8 years later, after thinking and talking about it often, Lee encouraged me to go for it and since then we’ve been making it happen.  At first the going was rocky, but we are slowly and surely gaining ground and realizing the vision.  It took a lot of hard work!

My “Eventida tribe” has grown and shrunk throughout the last couple years, people joining and exiting.  Even though it’s a very different dynamic right now, I am forever grateful to everyone who has joined that tribe.  Without their support and energy, I don’t think I would have had the strength and will to see the vision of Eventida through.  One of the main reasons it was so rocky is because the vision itself needed to mature, to go from an idea to a rock solid plan of growth.

Another lesson learned; ideas and visions need time to grow and “germinate,” then finally, mature…
before it can really happen.

One of my goals for 2012 is to make the other ideas that have been sticking hard in my brain and are near and dear to my heart happen; namely –, which is in full swing now, and hopefully, hopefully… a self-sustainable ASL friendly eco-village.  It may end up just being a small community, ranch-like, or a full fledged village.  Who knows!

Today I’m taking the first step in making it happen, by posting this idea on our blog and seeing what the response is.

And, by putting it “out there” I’m hoping the idea will grow and germinate in your brains and we’ll all bring the idea to a mature vision and then finally…  as a tribe, make it come true.

Is there a tribe that wants to make this vision happen?  Let me know!  More details can be found here.


Elise is a former  journalist turned web developer turned event planner. She is deaf, advocates for accessible technology and ASL literacy, and very opinionated. Her passion is her family - husband Lee, sons Logan and Lucas - and her business.

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